Good News For Renters With "Well Behaved" Pets.

Updated: Feb 8

The government has released it's Model Tenancy Agreement, and within it outlines the right for tenants to rent a property with their pet.

This new agreement sets out to make consent for pets a default clause, and in turn removes a blanket ban on pets living in rental properties. Renters will be required to submit a written pet request, at which point landlords have the opportunity to object within 28 days of receiving the request. As a nation of pet lovers, this gives renters great opportunity to broaden their renting options.

What does this mean for wear and tear?

Wear and tear is the term used to describe the gradual deterioration of an item over a period of time. There are many different factors which may contribute to this decline in condition; length of the tenancy, the number of occupants and of course having a pet in the home.

For piece of mind it is recommend that landlords assign an independent inventory clerk to carry out an inventory and check in service London at the beginning of a new tenancy.

A reputable inventory clerk will then be able to provide a thorough snapshot on what the condition of the property is before tenants move in. At the end of the tenancy the clerk should re-attend the property to do a check out report, which will identify any damages which go beyond a reasonable standard of wear and tear.

With just 7% of private landlords advertising pet friendly properties, the question is do you think this change is a good step forward?

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Professional inventory services help to safeguard and provide evidence for both landlords and tenants in the event of a deposit compensation claim.

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